Why do you not list holdings data for all UK funds?

If a fund manager is willing to make the full portfolios available to Thomson Reuters database teams then they are added to the data collection process.  Thomson Reuters teams are very pro-active in this regard, but availability of the portfolios often comes down to a fund manager’s discretion. 

As the Ownership database aims to list complete portfolios from individual funds up to the complete aggregated holdings at the firm level, funds only listing top 10 holdings in occasional marketing announcements will not be included in the product.  Some fund managers are unwilling to allow their complete funds holdings to be distributed.  Thomson Reuters teams are very pro-active with regard to collection, but availability of the portfolios often comes down to the fund manager’s discretion. 

If you wish to see the missing holdings of any fund listed in Stockopedia's Smart Money Ownership database, please write to the fund management firm in question and ask them to contact Thomson Reuters.

NB - at the time of writing complete fund holdings data of 101 out of 156 Citywire 100 UK Funds had complete fund holdings data in the database.  

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