Where does your broker estimates data come from?

Our estimates data (which we discuss in depth here) is sourced from Thomson Reuters who have a data collection team with more than 20 years of experience. They, in turn, monitor the research output of over 600 contributing broker firms, including:

  • Research Notes 
  • Non-research documentation contributed directly from brokers
  • Web based electronic contributions which allow Analysts to contribute real-time revisions to the database direct from their desktop.
Their trained staff uses strict, uniform methodologies to collect estimates and provide consistent, reliable detailed revisions and consensus data.  It is Reuters’ policy not to keep stale estimates or estimates from brokers who have dropped coverage to ensure that the data for a company is as current as possible in the database. All estimates older than 100 days are reviewed. 

The estimates database is designed with quantitative / screening usage in mind and is used by academics and quantitative professionals worldwide. Nevertheless, it's important to understand the limitations of estimates data.

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