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Redesign the Bulletin Boards

The reason why so few companies are discussed here is because the site design is the least user friendly of the BB's.

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Edward Croft shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
started  ·  AdminStockopedia Team (CEO / Founder, Stockopedia) responded  · 

The entire website is under redevelopment at present so it’s a good time to address bulletin board design.

Here are some of our current thoughts on how we can spruce things up.

We’ve redesigned the notification system to work across multiple devices – emails, web, mobile etc… we’ll be incorporating @{username} syntax so that people can name each other directly from the forum and receive notifications.

We’ll be better categorising the forums – there’s a lot of demand for product specific discussion rooms – e.g. on screening tips etc. We’ll be recreating a better category landing page.

Single comments on blogs etc will be taggable with single stocks (or multiple stocks) and viewable from any stock page.

We plan on launching an activity stream on every stock page (both single pages and list pages). These will include references to recent comments, news and activity. If we can do this it will be awesome.

We will likely be splitting the forum and the blogs again – I know this may be unpopular at first, but there’s a reason. At present many use the discussion board homepage as an ‘activity stream’. We want to create a new activity stream that is more personalised and multi-content on your own homepage. If we can do it well it will be terrific. Then other product specific activity streams will be available elsewhere – like news activity, forum activity, blog comments etc. This will cause teething problems, but I hope people will get used to it quickly.

These changes are frankly still 9 months away from launch, and all dependent on a significant user interface change. Please do comment and add more suggestions. I may even blog post this on the website.

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.



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  • cig commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I actually find the forums quite okay, though it may not scale well if the number of active participants gets significantly bigger. Only two simple things I miss:

    - the "number of unread comments" count in red should contain the post itself (currently a new post with no comments is not clearly shown as unread)

    - a "unfollow poster" feature to hide (or bottom rank) all the top-level posts from specific people, which should be distinct from the "thumbs down" feature as it covers also simply being uninterested in a poster's interests or style, e.g. I want to skip the resource stocks posters and the technical analysts.

    If you do change the forum software, either use an existing package, or if you design your own software choose a mainstream UI (e.g. twitter, reddit, the classic BB model, etc) and don't try to be too clever. It's very hard to get a new interaction model both right and adopted. You don't want to "do a google plus".

  • MGSteve commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've used just about every forum software under the sun and I have to say, Xenforo blows them all out of the water, but it would appear that Stockopedia are to far integrated now to spend time adapting another system.

  • yoshihirouk commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I tend to find the IP.Board © 2014 IPS, Inc. type configuration easy to use, along with that of trade2win.

  • cornytiv34 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am afraid I am out of my depth technically on this but can grasp how such a site works given an example to view and explore. I would appreciate a sample site url. I find the present BB somewhat cumbersome and not always easy to follow or extract searches from. Is there such a site to examine, no matter what the subject. I have looked at XenForo but cannot get the feel of what it would look like in real life.


  • MGSteve commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Out of interest, why don't you use a forum solution, such as XenForo and then just integrate it into your site - far easier than reinventing the wheel, plus XenForo is very customisable, so with enough work you could make it look like it was part of your site without having to add all the forum functionality.

  • slartybartfast commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would like all comments on a thread to have mandatory stock codes as particularly with multi stock threads (eg Paul Scott's morning notes), a search for a stock discussion becomes somewhat laborious.

  • BrianGeee commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think that to some extent marben100 is correct, in that dislike is driven by lack of familiarity. However, I voted is support of the 'Redisign the Bulletin Boards' request. So I'll try to explain.

    I like the Stockopedia site generally, and would like to make more use of the BB but find it confusing and messy, with too many options, many of which seem to fit easily with the way I'd like it to operate. Some of this will of course be my lack of understanding, but it that affects me, it may affect others.

    I can't find how to create and control a list of favourites in the way I'd like. When I click on favourites from the 'Discuss' menu, I get a whole lot of threads in which I've little interest. The favourites help says I can follow authors and companies, but the companies bit doesn't seem to work properly. I'd like to be able to select companies to follow on the BB, but is seems to be tied into contents of portfolios or watchlists, which just doesn't work of me. Perhaps when a new company is added to a portfolio, it could be added to a BB favourite list, but we need the ability to delete. I think we should be able to control the individual companies, authors and threads in the Favourites list.

    Thread lists:
    Currently it's just horrible, and doesn't scan at all well. Mixing pictures and text of all sizes and shapes makes it very difficult to read. Some text is even too small for me to see clearly without a magnifying glass! I think what's needed is a really clean and dense text display, with threads greying out when all comments are read. Columns should be more like those on ADVFN (much as I hate to say it). I can look at my favourites on there, and see what's new within 5 seconds, despite it holding 100+ threads. I'd like to see the thread title, original poster, creation date, most recent poster and the time of their post. All the blue and red thumbs, poster icons, numbers viewing, etc are a bit of a waste of space IMO.

    Inside threads:
    Generally the formatting of posts is much better than on other sites. The fact I have difficulty is therefore probably just a learning thing, since I haven't done it very much.

  • marben100 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I disagree. I find the BB design, with anchoring to companies, powerful formatting features and good search considerably better than that of ADVFN or TMF.

    If there is anything other users don't like BE SPECIFIC on what changes you'd like to see. Often dislike is simply driven by unfamiliarity. It's worth spending the time to understand the design ethos behind S'pedia, IMO.

    However, I do feel S'pedia management have taken their eyes off the BB ball, whilst developing the Pro version and effort is needed to bring "buzz" back to the BBs.

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